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Brief History

Christ Restoration Bible College & Seminary came as a vision to our Founder of Christ Restoration Ministries International, Dr. George Agbonson. The Lord gave him the vision to raise Leaders & Ministers that will take the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to the ends of the earth in 2003.

Eventually, the Bible College was born in 2010. A school beyond the four walls of classroom was the global mandate. As such it became an outreach to the nations of the earth training men and women to know God better, raise ministers of the Gospel. Christ Restoration Bible College has successfully train hundreds of Christian men and women in over 10 countries, with campuses established in several countries of the world, and the Headquarters here in the U.S.A.

Christ Restoration Bible College & Seminary is an education outreach of Global Apostolic vision of Christ Restoration Ministries International:


Christ Restoration Bible College & Seminary is called to provide sound biblical training to those who have been called by God for Kingdom advancement in preaching and teaching of the Word of God. Also for those who wants to grow in the understanding the Bible, and all who have been called to serve God in different capacities both within or outside the local church.

We go beyond mind knowledge to spiritual empowerment towards fulfilling your calling. That is why we license, ordain, and affirm 5 fold ministers of the Gospel.

Recognition & Accreditation

State Recognition: Christ Restoration Bible Institute & Seminary is incorporated in the State of Florida & authorized by the Commission for Independent Education under the Florida Department of Education to  be exempt & operate as a private institution to offer religious degrees: Associate, Bachelor, Masters, and Doctorate.

Christ Restoration Bible College & Seminary is also registered in Maryland and falls under the incoporation of Christ Restoration Ministries International 501c3 church organization incorporated in Maryland

Christ Restoration Bible Institute & Seminary is also accredited by World Council of Postsecondary and Religious Education. This is a Christian accreditation for religious vocation & non governmental, not associated with US. Dept. Of Education since we only offer theological degrees.

Awarded as 2021 City's Best as the Educational Outfit of Christ Restoration Ministries International

City's Best Awards


Application Deadline

Diploma Degree: TBA
Certificate: TBA
Master Degree: TBA

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