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Admission Policy




All Students regardless of race, nationality, ethnicity are welcome to apply. We evaluate students on individual basis.

Students must comply to our school's policy, tuition requirements, degree program requirement in order to remain in good standing.

We reserve the rights to withdraw students if deemed necessary after all ethical procedures have been implemented.

Note: All Associate & Bachelor Degree applicant must submit a proof High School Diploma.

Christ Restoration Institute & Seminary reserve the right to accept, transfer, or reject transcript from other schools.

Masters Degree applicant must have a Bachelor Degree from an acceptable school to apply.

Disclaimer: Christ Restoration Bible Institute & Seminary does not have Gov't accreditation and does  not seek such accredidation because we are a religious degree granting institution & desire to remain committed to the Bible. The Separation between State and Church gives the church rights to train Christians for Religious purposes only.

We however have legal standing within our confinement of ministry with state regulations, and have Christian accreditation.

Degrees from our institution is for religious, or ministerial vocations only.

Application Deadline

Diploma Degree: TBA
Certificate: TBA
Master Degree: TBA

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