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This Graduate degree program is the crown jewel of our theological seminary division. It's curriculum is uniquely designed & structured to meet high demand of competence needed to deal with societal, church, & academic challenge. 

Our Doctoral program will equip the students with the right ethos, sound academic standard, as well as professionalism that will make the graduate relevant in their area of expertise.

Degree Requirement:

The Applicant must possess an earned Masters Degree from an acceptable institution to be accepted in the Doctorate program. Applicant must possess skill and ability to engage in research and sound reasoning for this program.

A. Doctor of Ministry (D.Min)

The Doctor of Ministry is a 39 credits program for those with Master Degree in Biblical/Theological Discipline or 45 credits program for students with Master Degree in secular discipline. The D.Min Program is structured with 5 areas of concentration (General Ministry, Pastoral Ministry, Christian Leadership, Christian Counseling, Christian Education). The dissertation topic determines the area of concentration by the student. 

The D.Min program is ideal for 5 Fold Ministers of the Gospel, Christian Professionals in different areas of calling within Christian Organization: Church, Non-Profit, Communications, Counseling, Christian Education, etc.

Dissertation is required for this program.

B. Doctor of Theology (ThD)

The Doctor of Theology is a 48 credits program with intensed reasearch covering different areas of theological discipline.  It is ideal for Biblical Scholars, Theologians, Pastor-Teacher, Researchers in combatting religious issues with competent academic research. Graduates will be able to teach in Bible Colleges, Seminaries, Universities, as well as teach in seminars, train ministers, write biblical books & journals,etc.

4 Areas of Concentrations (Biblical Theology, Systematic Theology, Theological Studies, Christian Education)

Dissertation is required for this program.

C. Honorary Doctorate: Doctor of Divinity (D.D) - Honoris Causa

This Doctorate is confered as honorary upon specific Christian individuals who have made significant contribution in advancing the Kingdom of God in Church or General Ministry for a significant number of years. Candidates must have minimum of 20 years of ministerial experience with valid accomplishments. Candidates can be confered as Reverend Dr.

Application Deadline

Diploma Degree: TBA
Certificate: TBA
Master Degree: TBA

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