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Dr. George Agbonson - President

PhD - Psychology & Counseling
(Louisiana Baptist University)
PhD - Theological Studies
(LOGOS University)
Doctor of Theology
(Covenant Theological Seminary)
Doctor of Ministy
(Patriot Bible University)
Pastor Wendy Agbonson
Vice President/Instructor
B.A Theology
(Christ Restoration Bible College)
 Master of Arts - Psychology & Counseling
(Louisiana Baptist University)
Dr. Federick A. Gelsey
PhD, M.A, B.A
Jacksonville Theological Seminary
Dr. Daniel Ajayi
Faculty Member  (Ohio Campus)
PhD, M.A, B.A, B.A, B.A
Patriot Bible University
Pastor Wale Ajiboye
Faculty/Director (Ohio Campus)
PhD (Cand.); M.Div; B.Sc.
Louisiana Baptist University
Dr. Samuel Appiah
Facilitator/Director (Ohio Campus)
PhD, M.A, B.A
Newburgh Theological Seminary
Rev. John Ugboh
Director/Faculty (Abuja)
B.Th ( Grace Springs Bible College)
M.A (Cand.) Christ Restoration Seminary

Rev. Richard Ndizeye

Director - Burundi Campus

Pastor Debra Morse

Executive Director

(Buffalo N.Y Center)

Dr. Frank Esposito

D.C; B.Sc (Liberty University)

M.A (Cand.) - Christ Restoration Seminary

Director/Faculty (Buffalo N.Y Center)


Application Deadline

Diploma Degree: TBA
Certificate: TBA
Master Degree: TBA

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