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Going through this program has enlightened me a lot. I gave my life to Christ since 1987, but there was so much I did not understand about the Bible and its application. I thank God for bringing me to this ministry to learn. The instructors here have been great. Loaded with a lot of Information and filled with the Spirit. They have really encouraged me and I am planning to go higher to learn more.
Thanks and God Bless this ministry.
Sis. Baby. B.

I thank my God for bringing me to this ministry. I was once a muslim and converted to Christianity. There was so much I did not understand about Christianity. Christ Restoration Bible College has helped me to understand the Bible better. I can now read the Bible with some understanding. I am able to reach others with the gospel of Jesus Christ.
Bro. Mohammed .B. (R.I.P)

The education here is awesome. It is life not just secular knowledge. I thank God for Christ Restoration Bible College, I have learnt a lot. As for me I am going higher, I need more.
God Bless.
Sis. Debbie .K.

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